Lasik is a very commonly performed procedure today, with every adult wanting to undergo the procedure when he or she wants to get rid of their spectacles and contact lenses, to be able to see clearly with their naked eyes again. A few years ago, not many people willingly underwent the procedure because they were too scared to mess with their eyes. But, with the advancement in technology that has brought up safe procedures, and the success rate that has been associated with Lasik, more and more individuals are opting for the procedure today. Nevertheless, even though the procedure has proven to be completely safe with almost zero side-effects (unless in the rarest of cases), it is always advisable to undergo the procedure when you are being operated with only a reliable and experienced surgeon. You must never take a chance of undergoing the surgery from a surgeon you haven’t known much about, only for a small discount or low price. After all, your eyes are the most precious, and you don’t want to take a risk at any cost! So, how would you know that a surgeon is the right one to approach? Here’s a checklist to help you with finding the best Lasik specialist in Mumbai.

Ask for referrals

You know a few friends or relatives who have undergone Lasik. Ask them where they got their surgery done, and the success rate they have achieved. This will give you a few names to put up on your list for consultation. However, just referrals shouldn’t be the sureshot way of finding a good surgeon. You must do some research on your own to identify if you find the surgeon worth approaching, because when you approach a surgeon, you must personally have a good amount of trust in him, to make you feel comfortable and relaxed during the surgery. So, here’s how you can build trust for a particular surgeon.

Look for a certification

You want a guaranteed operation that will bring you the required results in the first sitting itself. You don’t want to come back to the surgeon again for major or minor checkups. You must thus look for a certified surgeon. When you are willing to approach a surgeon for consultation, first make sure that they are certified and have a legitimate degree in ophthalmology from a recognized university.

Check for experience

The surgeon you are planning to consult must have at least a few years of experience as a Lasik surgeon. Having a degree is a surety that the doctor has complete understanding about the eyes, but that does not prove their confidence about the surgery or their rate of surgical success. This is why it is important that you check for the experience that the surgeon has. How many years have they been in the field? How many years have they assisted a professional? How many surgeries have they conducted single-handedly? Are all the surgeries successful? These are some questions you should search an answer for. 8-10 years of experience in a reputed center for Lasik – domestic or international – should be good to go.

Hunt for any other credentials or awards

If the surgeon has been practicing for a few years now, they should have a good grasp on the procedure. However, this may just not be enough for some. If you are still in doubt, look for any kinds of credentials or awards that the surgeon may have been recognized with. This will help you gain confidence over an eye specialist, resting assured that you will be in the right hands if that particular surgeon is operating on your eyes.

With all of the above sorted out, you should be booking an appointment with a reputed, experienced, and trusted surgeon for sure. However, if you too confused, or aren’t able to find a suitable surgeon yet, we’ll help you. We guarantee that you’ll be in the hands of the best Lasik specialist in Mumbai when you approach Arohi Eye Hospital. The founder and chief surgeon of the hospital, Dr. Shradha Goel, is herself a trusted and reputed Lasik eye surgeon! With MBBS and MS Ophthalmology degrees, and an experience of more than 15 years now, Dr. Shradha Goel has earned diverse awards and recognition with her capabilities; some of them being awarded by All India Ophthalmological Society and Bombay Ophthalmologists’ Association! Is there any doubt you should have about our surgeon’s capabilities and success rate now!?