For most of people wearing eyeglasses, contact lenses are a very convenient replacement. But with comfort, comes some risk of serious eye conditions such as corneal ulcers and other infections. Contact lenses should not be used throughout the day. You need to remove it after a certain time and cleanse it in the right way. Negligence in using contact lenses can cause different eye ailments which can spread very fast and in rare cases, can cause blindness. Reach out to the best eye hospital in Mumbai for expert consultation before you opt for contact lenses.

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    But how do you know if any underlying eye condition has started developing due to the wrong use of contact lenses? Here in this blog, we are going to discuss everything you need to know about contact lens-related problems and management. So read on!

    Signs and Symptoms of Eye Infection Due to Contact Lens

    Unhygienic use of contact lenses causes infections in the cornea. Different microorganisms can cause corneal ulcers. This is called Keratitis. If your eyes have developed any of the below-mentioned symptoms, don’t delay talking to your eye doctor. The symptoms are:

    • Excessive tearing in the eyes or other discharge
    • Discomfort in the eyesight
    • Burning or itching sensation
    • Inflammation and pain
    • Abnormal redness
    • Unnatural light-sensitivity
    • Cloudy or unclear vision

    Quick Tips to Soothe the Eye Irritation Due to Contact Lens

    If you are experiencing any of the above-mentioned symptoms in your eyes, there are chances that your eyes are infectious. Check out some quick tips to soothe the irritation at home:

    • Take out your contact lens right away and don’t wear them again
    • Rinse your eyes with normal water
    • Talk to your eye care specialist about the issues
    • Store your lens in its box and show it to your doctor. He/she may examine them to determine the reason behind the irritation in your eyes.

    When do You Need to Visit Your Eye-specialist?

    One of the common reasons behind the seriousness of the eye infections caused by contact lenses is the negligence of the lens wearer. As a lens user, you must be aware of all the necessary steps to take care of your eyes and contact lens as well as the possible risks. However, the possible conditions that need to be checked by the eye experts are:

    • Heaviness on the eyes
    • Cloudy vision
    • Eye Strain while using digital screen
    • Frequent headache while working
    • Pain in the neck and shoulders while working
    • Double eyesight
    • Irritation in the eyes
    • A tendency to vomit while focusing
    • Dizziness while sitting in front of the computer etc.

    Ways to Prevent Computer Vision Syndrome

    Although CVS is a very common disease for those working on a computer, there are some ways to prevent the rise of this condition. Some common ways to prevent this disease are:

    1. Corneal Problems: Problems related to cornea such as sterile corneal infiltrates, corneal abrasions, superior limbic keratoconjunctivitis, punctate keratitis, neovascularization and contact lens keratitis or corneal ulcer etc, require immediate medical attention to prevent loss of the eye-sight.

    2. Ocular Allergy: Eye conditions such as itching, tearing, dilatation of conjunctival vessels, a sensation of eye-pressure, foreign body sensation, inflamed eyelids etc. needs to be treated as soon as these are noticed.

    3. Red Eye: Red eye is a common eye condition in those who wear contact lenses. However, there can be multiple other reasons for red eyes too. Some of them are infective causes while some other causes are non-infective. Infective causes can be either keratitis or conjunctivitis. The non-infective causes include damaged lenses, deposits on the lens, corneal hypoxia, incomplete blinking, ill-fitted contact lens and effects of the solutions used for cleaning the contact lens.

    4. Dry Eye: A lot of reasons can cause Dry Eye and contact-lens use is one among them. Some symptoms are irritation, stinging sensation, cloudy vision, redness in the eyes, itchiness, foreign body sensation, tearing, mucus discharge, intolerance to contact lens, light sensitivity etc. The worsening of the symptoms occurs due to the direct blow of air or in air-conditioned environments, and prolonged digital screen time etc. If feeling such discomfort with your eyesight, rush to the best eye hospital in Mumbai to get all your eye-issues cured.

    Expert Guide to Take Care of Your Contact Lenses

    Below are the expert’s recommendations for taking care of your contact lenses. Follow each step carefully to avoid damage to the eyes as well as the contact lenses.

    • Purchase daily wear contact lenses.
    • Remove the lens before taking shower and bedtime.
    • Use only sterile products specifically designed for your lens care.
    • Gently rub the lenses while you clean them.
    • Don’t handle it with rough hands.
    • Clean and dry your hands before and after handling your lenses.
    • Get your lenses replaced as recommended by your eye Doctor.
    • Get your lens case replaced every three to six months.
    • Don’t wear lenses in the rough wind, in heavy rain and while swimming.
    • Follow your doctor’s advice while removing or taking care of your lenses.

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