Having a Dry Eye? Then you are having dry, itchy, red eyes that makes it even worse when you go out in the sun and pollution! We understand your problem and how you are being refrained from going out and enjoying the wonderful fun outdoor activities like early morning walking/jogging in the park, cycling down your favourite track, swimming in the cold waters during summertime, or playing your favourite sport. You may have been taking up these activities because you love and enjoy them, or because you want to stay fit and have a healthy lifestyle. But, your Dry Eye has made it almost impossible for you to take up any outdoor activity now as it always hinders your passion and excitement to engage in outside adventures. But, you are not alone. Unfortunately, there are millions of people suffering from such pain!

What causes Dry Eye?

While we know that Dry Eye gives you dry, itchy, and red eyes which has you constantly rubbing your eyes, washing them with water, or putting eye drops every now and then, what exactly is the reason behind this condition? The main reason behind this condition is the Meibomian Gland Dysfuntion or MGD, which hits more than 85% of the patients. This condition is the blockage or abnormal functioning of the meibomian glands, which are generally responsible for secreting oils onto the surface of the eye to keep the tears from evaporating too quickly. The meibomian glands are present within the eyelids – around 25-40 in the upper eyelid, and 20-30 in the lower eyelid.

Can the condition be treated?

The MGD condition can definitely be treated, which can help you regain your oils and lubricate your eyes again so that you don’t have to give up any outdoor activity again! And, it is in fact better to have your MGD treated at the earliest. This is because if you leave the condition untreated, thinking that you can make your eyes better with some general lubricating eye drops, then you’re wrong! Delaying the treatment will only worsen the Dry Eye symptoms with time, and may consequently cause permanent eye damage.

What worsens Dry Eye symptoms?

  • Dry Eye symptoms in itself are very irritating and frustrating. Imagine how it would be if the symptoms are further worsened! This is why it is very important that you take care of your eyes completely until your condition is completely cured. First of all, you need to follow the instructions of the eye specialist who is treating you. Follow all the Do’s and Don’ts as prescribed if you want quick results. Arohi Eye Hospital is where you can get the best and fastest Dry Eye treatment in Andheri West by experienced and specialized doctors who have been performing for years together in their respective fields.
  • Next, you need to keep your eyes away from the outside environment, especially when it is humid or windy. Such conditions can only worsen your eye’s condition and make it more irritable. You also need to stay away from areas where there is dust, smoke, fire flares, and any sort of pollution.
  • Other than the outdoor environment, there are also certain things indoors that can instigate Dry Eye symptoms further. These could be too much exposure to television, too much usage of computer or mobile screens, excessive reading, and over cooking activities near the stove or oven.