All the year round, there are so many allergens in the air that may irritate our sensory organs. Some may disturb our eyes; some our respiratory tract; some our throat; and some our skin. Because we are an eye specialist in Andheri West Mumbai, we will focus on the allergens that disturb our eyes.

What are the most common symptoms of eye allergies?

The most common symptoms that you may see if your eyes have been disturbed by an allergen are redness, itchiness, watery eyes, dry eyes, swollen eyelids, and burning sensation. However, if these symptoms persist and are not treated, itchy throat, sneezing, and coughing could be the accompanying symptoms.

What causes allergies?

Pollination is one of the most common factors that may cause allergies. Grass pollinates in the spring and ragweed in the fall. These particles are thus present in the air during these times, which we breathe in, causing respiratory and throat allergies. Also, these particles get in touch with our eyes to disturb them too. Another reason that may cause eye allergies is dust and pollution. If you have an overactive immune system, your eyes could be irritate by simple dust and pollution too.

How to treat these allergies?

What do you do when you encounter these eye allergies?

  • You start rubbing your eyes? That is the worst you can do! Rubbing your eyes will only irritate your eyes further, and make it even more red and swollen.
  • You use decongestants? This is another mistake that we all may do because decongestants can only make the eye problems worse by drying out the eyes and leaving them more vulnerable to the allergens in the air.

So then, what do you do? Although these is no way to avoid allergies 100% of the time, but you can certainly minimize your exposure to them, or treat them to feel better. It is always better to keep your eyes protected at all times.

  • First and foremost, never touch your eyes. Instead, wash your eyes with normal water every now and then if your eyes feel any kind of discomfort. Doing so will relax you for a while without disturbing your eyes further.
  • If your eyes are uncomfortable against wind and dust, stay indoors during those days. And, if you ever have to go out, make sure you wear protective eye gear. You could wear eyeglasses, sunglasses, or even a pollen mask.
  • Also, make sure to keep your windows shut during windy and dusty days. Avoid using window fans as well that can blow spores and pollen inside.
  • Stay hydrated when any allergy strikes and use lubricating eye drops. Avoid using contact lenses of any kind as these may only trap allergens against your eyes and aggravate your symptoms. So, you are recommended to wear eye glasses instead.
  • Last but not the least, if your allergy seems to get worse, or not improve at all, you may get in touch with an eye specialist in Andheri West Mumbai. One place you can rely upon is Arohi Eye Hospital. So, schedule an appointment with us so that we can help your eyes stay protected against all kinds of allergies!