LASIK surgery is one of the most effective and successful treatments that medical professionals have discovered till date. People have found it to be a boon to undergo LASIK to eliminate the refractive error and see clearer and brighter like never before. Millions of patients have undergone this surgery over time and have seen successful results. No more glasses, no more contact lenses, and no more worries! However, nothing comes without a little discomfort. LASIK, while being absolutely effective, comes with a little bit of pain and discomfort in the initial stages. Nothing to worry about, but when we operate any part of the body, it will definitely respond in its own way before making it comfortable for us, won’t it? So, here are some tips that can help you after you undergo your LASIK Surgery in Oshiwara Mumbai, while you experience even the slightest pain or discomfort in your eyes. And, if you are wondering where to have your LASIK, it is Arohi Eye Hospital, where there is a team of LASIK specialists who can treat your eyes the best!

  • Take your medications as directed by your surgeon

Your surgeon may have prescribed certain medications or pain relievers. Make sure to take them as advised to avoid any kind of discomfort or pain. Neither should you forget to take your medicines, nor should you overdo them if you feel excess pain. Do not surpass the recommended dosage; if you feel excess pain, get in touch with your doctor to see what he suggests. Also, make sure to instill eye drops as instructed to keep your eyes moisturized, and devoid of redness or itchiness.

  • Give your eyes enough rest

The first 48 hours after the surgery are the most crucial. While it may be difficult, but it is equally important that you give your eyes complete rest during these 48 hours so that they can recover better and faster. Avoid all forms of strain that comes with reading, watching TV, working on your laptop, and using your phone. Avoid outdoors during the heat, and where there is smoke, dust, and water. These are a complete NO!

  • Wear your eye glasses wherever you go

The first few days and weeks after surgery, you will be asked to avoid water, dust, smoke, and fire at all costs. However, if you really have to go, you need to wear the eye glasses prescribed to you, wherever you go, even during the night time. Avoid all kinds of contact with your eyes, even if it may be touching or rubbing them. Wearing glasses throughout the day will help you avoid even accidental contact with your eyes.

  • Stay in touch with the eye doctor team

While following the above instructions will keep your eyes at ease, and away from all kinds of pain and discomfort, it is important that you always stay in touch with the team that has operated your eyes. You never know when you may need them! Be careful to schedule regular appointments and get the consultation required from time to time.