What is ocular health?

Ocular health refers to the well-being of your eyes. Your eyes are one of the most significant sense organs in your body. Also, studies have shown that 80% of what a person perceives is the direct outcome of his sense of sight (source: Medical Eye Center). Therefore, eyes help you see the world, and without a pair of healthy eyes, you will not be able to live a healthy life. So if you are feeling any visual discomfort, visit the best eye hospital in Mumbai or anywhere you live.

However, this blog explains the significance of your eye health in your well-being and some common symptoms and their related eye problems. So keep on reading.

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    Why is ocular health important?

    Eyes use a complex system to collect information and send it to the brain directly. This allows the brain to process the information so you can see the world around you. So when any issue disrupts this process, your eye health gets damaged. Therefore, you can not see things clearly and your entire life is changed. Hence, maintaining proper eye health is imperative.

    Does lifestyle affect your ocular health?

    Your eyes are the windows to your overall health. Therefore several bad habits that can impact your eyesight include:

    • Firstly, poor nutrition: Just like our body, our eyes need the energy to function properly. So a poor diet can really deteriorate your eye health as well. For better health, you need to consume vitamin-rich and balanced meals. Vit A, Vit C, Vit E-rich foods help your ocular health improve.
    • Further, excessive screen time: Excessive use of digital devices contributes to dry eyes and other eye conditions. So remember to take frequent breaks while working on computer screens and also blink often to keep your eyes lubricated and stress-free. However, visit the top retina specialist in Mumbai for an advanced eye check-up for dry eyes.
    • Moreover, physical activity for reduced stress level: Getting in good shape is just as important as having a balanced diet. Regular exercise, a good night’s sleep, and an active lifestyle can reduce your stress level to a great extent, thereby letting your eye health stay fit. Moreover, getting some sunlight for at least 10 mins and having some fresh air every day is good for your eye health.
    • Then, smoking and alcohol: Smoking has a lot of bad effects on your health including the eyes. Smoking increases eye fatigue and dries out your eyes more. Overall, a smoker experiences more eye issues than a non-smoking person. Hence, quit smoking if you wish to have better ocular health.

    How can an active lifestyle improve your eyesight and eye health?

    Improving your eye health is hugely related to an active lifestyle. For that, make a habit of exercising at least 3 times a week. It will reduce the risk of having macular degeneration and glaucoma. Also, a well-balanced diet with enough antioxidants and vitamins helps you keep your eyes healthy. Furthermore, reduce the amount of fat you intake every day to see a good effect on your eyes and overall health. The best cataract surgeon in Mumbai can provide you with proper treatment for cataracts.

    What are some common symptoms and their related eye problems?

    As we have already discussed, a healthy pair of eyes can make a big difference in your overall health and well-being. Here are some common symptoms and their related ocular health that you must notice and get your eyes checked.

    1. Red eyes: Many different conditions like swelling, irritation, loss of vision, etc. can cause eye redness. The small blood vessels in the eye inflate and make the eyes look red or pink. Also, it can be an indication of eye irritation or maybe a bigger problem of any infection. However, common eye problems include the following:

    • Eye allergies
    • Blepharitis
    • Uveitis
    • Conjunctivitis and so on.

    2. Headache: A headache is a common sign of physical or emotional distress. It can impact different parts of your body like the face, head, forehead, and eyes, depending on the reason. The feeling includes a throbbing, sharp, and dull pain in the forehead. Meanwhile, if you have such problems, visit the eye hospital in Mumbai to get a complete eye test. However, some eye problems that are related to headaches are:

    • Refractive error
    • Migraine
    • Angle-closure glaucoma
    • Photokeratitis etc.

    3. Light sensitivity: Your eyes are sensitive to light means bright lights irritate your eyes and make them uncomfortable. Consequently, it can be associated with different eye conditions like:

    • Allergies
    • Cataract
    • Corneal abrasion
    • Keratoconus
    • Migraine
    • Strabismus and so on.

    4. Dry eyes: This is a chronic condition that can make the eyes feel irritated, scratchy, and gritty. It causes when your eyes can not produce natural lubrication due to several reasons like the following:

    • Blepharitis
    • Chronic dry eye
    • Bell’s palsy etc.

    However, talk to the renowned cornea specialist in Mumbai and get your eyes checked if you have dry eyes.

    5. Excessive tearing: furthermore, if your eyes are continuously watering, there can be various reasons. Excessive tearing can be the reason for irritated eyes to soothe and lubricate the eyes. So, the tearing can be related to the following:

    • Dry eyes
    • Allergies
    • Bacterial keratitis
    • Pink eye or conjunctivitis
    • Blocked tear ducts etc.

    6. Flashes: Sometimes, flashes or lightning streaks can occur in the field of vision and indicate poor ocular health. This problem can be related to:

    • Detached retina
    • Migraine etc.

    7. Night blindness: Night blindness is when you have issues with seeing objects at night. Further, troubled night eyesight indicates that you might have the following:

    • Nystagmus
    • Cataracts
    • Retinitis pigmentosa

    Therefore, if you notice such symptoms, visiting the best cataract surgeon in Mumbai is what we recommend you to do.

    Get your ocular health checked at the best eye hospital in Mumbai

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