Lasik surgery has been one of the most successful refractive error correction surgeries that were first invented in the 1990s. A revolutionary and highly effective method, Lasik treatment provides permanent relief to the problems like nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. There are many reasons why Lasik is a popular choice for people worldwide for corrective eye surgery. And in this blog, we’ll discuss the reason. So keep on reading.

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    Why is Lasik surgery a popular choice for vision correction?

    Lasik surgery reshapes the cornea to cure the eyesight problem that affects your overall vision. This is a fast, safe, and painless procedure that comes with plenty of benefits like the following:

    1. No more contact lenses or eyeglasses:

    Often we see people are frustrated with the eyeglasses or contact lenses that they have to use for a lifetime. But with Lasik, you are free to get rid of the eyeglasses anytime. If you are struggling with fumbling for contact lenses or eyeglasses, you know how liberating this freedom is. Apart from that, the overall cost of buying quality eyeglasses or contact lenses is high. And every time you buy a glass or lens, you have to pay more. However, the initial Lasik operation cost can be higher but the outcomes you get are totally worth it.

    2. Advanced technology used:

    Lasik operation at the top eye hospital in Mumbai is done with leading-age instruments. Advanced technology is used in the instrument and the entire procedure to provide the best possible outcomes. Topography-guided Lasik is a more advanced procedure that helps in the correction of numbers with the topographical map of the cornea. The system that the eye experts use for the excimer laser has very accurate results.

    3. Shows immediate and positive outcomes:

    Vision correction with Lasik surgery ensures quick recovery of the eyes. Since corneal tissues heal quickly, your vision will see immediate improvement and you can get back to your normal routine mostly in 24 hours. However, there might be some vision discomfort, fluctuations in eyesight quality, and eye dryness, but they all vanish within the first week only. Although there is no such specific recovery time for patients, the eyes take almost 3 months to heal completely.

    4. Minimum post-surgery complications:

    There are rare post-surgery complications in the eyes and patients have been recorded to have excellent visual outcomes. The entire procedure takes almost 20 to 30 minutes to complete and there’s very little downtime after the surgery, which are highly encouraging factors. For quick recovery, the best Lasik surgeon in Mumbai has shared the following tips:

    • Avoid any eye makeup in the initial weeks.
    • Don’t go swimming and avoid bathtubs
    • Stay in a clean and pollution-free environment
    • Don’t skip any follow-up with your eye specialist

    5. Safe, reliable, and effective method:

    One of the key considerations while picking any eye surgery procedure is safety. Lasik treatment is a safe eye correction method. This procedure has been recorded to provide more than 95% of patients with 20/20 vision or better in the upcoming days. Very few people have reported having difficulties with seeing objects and these are short-term and temporary.

    Who is the best Lasik surgeon in Mumbai?

    There are a lot of Lasik specialists in town, but getting the best one among them is the key to getting a corrected vision as soon as possible. Dr. Shradha Goel is the chief eye surgeon at Arohi Eye Hospital. She is one of the most renowned and experienced eye surgeons with more than 15 years of experience. Apart from her, there is another knowledgeable cornea specialist, Dr. Shalomith Uppapalli another notable cornea specialist. She has around 10 years of experience in identifying and treating critical cornea-related issues.

    Arohi Eye Hospital is the leading eye hospital in Mumbai that provides 360-degree vision care to patients across the country. Here you can visit the best eye surgeons for getting your eyes corrected. You can book your appointment or get in touch with us for the best Lasik surgery at this place.