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Incredibly popular and extremely safe, LASIK surgery has become the gateway to perfect lens-free and glasses-free vision. Anyone’s vision that’s been addled by shortsightedness and farsightedness can easily get their eyes fixed permanently in a matter of minutes. Convenient, right?

Well, it might be. But you also need to know what comes during and after LASIK surgery so that no complications arise. Also, like any surgery, there’s a recuperation period where your eyes slowly adjust to the new focal alignment. Obviously, you must know the dos and don’ts attached to this recovery interval so that your new vision remains intact.

So, for anyone thinking about undergoing surgery, here are some of the key things you should know about what happens during and follows a LASIK surgery in India.

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    During the LASIK Surgery

    LASIK surgery usually lasts for 15-20 mins. During the surgery, you will lie on your back in an exam room on a recliner that has a laser fitted on the top. It’s directly attached to a computer and has a microscope.

    When the treatment starts, the doctor will add numbing drops to your eyes and will clean the area surrounding them. Once that’s done, the lid speculum, an instrument used to keep your eyes open, will be attached.

    Next, and this might seem scary, the doctor will use a microkeratome to cut a flap in your cornea in the case of standard Lasik. If one is opting for bladeless lasik aka FemtoLasik, the laser itself makes a cut on your cornea; no microkeratome is used. However, it’s nothing to fret about. Since your eyes are anesthetized, you won’t feel a thing.

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    Now that we have that out way, the next step involves an eye tracker beam. This is used to ensure that your eye is correctly positioned and they are stable enough for the surgery. Once your eye is correctly positioned and stable enough, the doctor will start the laser. At this point, you’ll start smelling and hearing sounds. The sound comes from the ticking that the laser makes. The smell is that of the corneal tissue that burns. Some patients reported the smell being equivalent to that of burning hair.

    The intensity of the laser is controlled by a computer. After the tissue is vaporized by the laser, the flap is placed into its original position. Since no stitches are used, doctors will place a bandage contact lens over your eyes for protection.

    Now let’s move on to what happens after LASIK surgery.

    After LASIK Surgery

    Once you’re done with the procedure, your eyes may start itching, burning, or feeling like something’s moving in the eyeball. There’s a good chance you’ll require some mild pain reliever due to the discomfort. Teary, hazy, and blurry, you’ll have all the reasons to rub your eyes. But don’t! It can dislodge the flap, which means extra treatment.

    Moreover, you’ll also experience light bursts, haloes, and starbursts. These symptoms may seem too much, but they usually subside in 2-3 days. That said, if you feel any severe pain or discomfort, it’s best to get in touch with your doctor right away.

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    Lastly, as for complete recovery, it’ll take around 1 month to get stable entirely. Refrain from using any drops, lotions, or painkillers without a doctor’s prescription.

    So, that’s all you need to know about what happens after LASIK surgery. With this information in mind, you’ll be able to walk into the operating room more informed and ready.

    Your Turn

    Now that you’re aware of what to expect from LASIK surgery, you’re way more prepared than before. It’s time to book that appointment and get rid of your lens or glasses once and for all.

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