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So, you’ve finally decided to undergo the LASIK surgery and get rid of contact lenses/glasses once and for all! How exciting! But before you get on the operating table, there’s a lot that comes before LASIK surgery that you should know about.

And for the anticipation of the treatment to not kick in your nerves, you must be aware of what happens during the surgery, what it entails, and how you could minimize the damage. This way, you could show up at the hospital cool, calm, and composed.

Here’s an in-depth guide to everything you should do before LASIK treatment.

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    Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate.

    Water is critical in the functioning of every cell, tissue, and organ of the body – the fact that it’s made up of 60% water is a testimony. Other than that, hydration also promotes the healing and flushing of wastes. LASIK can temporarily desiccate your eyes, so staying hydrated can help with that. You can also go for over-the-counter artificial tears to keep dryness at bay.

    Refrain from drinking alcoholic beverages or caffeine, as they have a dehydrating effect on the body and can exacerbate the drying, leading to discomfort. So, all in all, before LASIK surgery, don’t forget to hydrate properly!

    Refrain From Wearing Perfume or Makeup

    Having mascara or eyeliner on during the procedure can prove to be a serious impediment, as they can interfere with the laser operation. Therefore, it’s best to go without any makeup around the eyes for a complication-free treatment.

    For that matter, make sure you don’t even have perfume on, as the environment is highly controlled for ideal humidity, purity, and temperature, and having a fragrance can meddle with that.

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    Can I eat before LASIK surgery? – A Common Question

    LASIK doesn’t use general anesthesia. So, you don’t need an empty stomach on the morning of surgery. In fact, it’s advised to eat full, healthy meals before the procedure. Take any medicines you normally would unless the doctor has specifically prohibited you from taking any particular medication.

    No Contacts – Not Before, Not During, and Not After the Surgery

    It might already be clear to you that you can’t wear contact lenses during the surgery. But what about before?

    Well, it’s advised to stay contact-free after your consultation and before LASIK surgery. Why? Because staying contact-free will allow your cornea to return to its original shape while also keeping any bacteria away.

    Yes, even though you might use clean contacts, they still have bacteria on the inner surface, which can increase the risk of infection.

    Be Mentally Prepared

    Last but not least, it’s essential to stay mentally prepared. Like traditional surgeries, before LASIK, you’ll be given a mild sedative to take the edge off and ease the pain. However, unlike some surgeries, you’ll still be awake during the surgery, as you’ll need to maintain your eye level.

    If unconscious, your eyeballs will roll down, making it nearly impossible to operate. As a result, your attention is important during the surgery. The best tip is to go into the surgery with fascination in your mind rather than fear. Because, at the end of the day, you won’t feel any pain. So why not be curious about how your vision will change for life in just a matter of minutes?

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    Over to You

    On an end note – let someone drive you to the hospital, as you won’t be able to see clear immediately after the treatment.

    With that, we end the list of things you should take care of before you lie down on the operating table.

    Also, make sure you choose a good LASIK surgeon for the treatment. Don’t just go in blindly with any doctor you find with a simple “eye doctor near me” google search. Conduct thorough research before finalizing any surgeon.

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