Laser Eye Surgery by a retina specialist can cure a variety of retinal issues. All you have to do is to keep an eye on the signs of the disease and visit your doctor as soon as possible. Generally, middle-aged and elderly people suffer from retinal disorders. But most retinal diseases are curable these days with advanced technologies used at Arohi Eye Hospital for the best retina treatment in Mumbai.

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    What is Retinal Laser Surgery?

    Retinal Laser Surgery is an advanced form of treatment for different retinal diseases. Some of them are retinal detachment, retinal tears, macular oedema, diabetic retinopathy etc. Retinal Laser Surgery is also called Photocoagulation. People with macular oedema and diabetic retinopathy get Laser surgery to destroy the leaking blood vessels of the retina.

    While for people with retinal tears, Laser surgery treats by sealing those tears and destroying any unnatural block on the retina. This way the laser surgery stops the progression of the disease.

    Various pigments in the eye such as melanin, xanthophyll, and haemoglobin are responsible for absorbing the laser light. As they absorb the light, the temperature of the retinal layer increases leading to denaturation and necrosis of the cellular proteins.

    As a matter of fact, Laser surgery can not restore the vision that is already lost. But it ensures that the vision does not damage any further. That’s why you should visit your eye specialist as soon as you find any signs of visual discomfort.

    When does the Retina Specialist prescribe Retinal Laser Surgery?

    Retina specialist use Retinal laser to treat the following:

    • Glaucoma, where it’s necessary to reduce the production of aqueous humour via the ciliary body.
    • Proliferative diabetic retinopathy, sickle cell retinopathy, and venous occlusive diseases.
    • Sealing microvascular conditions like telangiectasia, microaneurysms, perivascular leakage etc.
    • Treating the tumour in the eye.
    • Diabetic retinopathy, etc.

    Apart from these, the retinal disorder can cause if there are any of the following conditions:

    • Treatment of premature retinopathy
    • Retinal tears and retinal detachment
    • Bench vein occlusion
    • Macular oedema
    • Pigment abnormalities like chorioretinopathy etc.

    So these are the significant reasons why your retina specialist in Mumbai prescribes you retinal Laser surgery.

    Who are the Right Candidates for Retinal Laser Surgery?

    As we have already discussed, generally, middle-aged people and elderly ones are affected by various retinal disorders. The retina specialist executes some comprehensive analysis of the retinal health before she/he prescribes the surgery for the patient. And if you have certain eye conditions such as age-related macular degeneration, blocked retinal vessels, retinal detachment, diabetic retinopathy, retinal tumours, macular oedema etc. and you have a potential risk of permanent loss of your eyesight, your retina specialist will suggest laser surgery. Further, a few factors that might increase your risk of retinal disorders are:

    • Old age
    • Diabetes
    • Eye injury
    • Obesity
    • Eye trauma
    • Smoking
    • Family history etc.

    When Should You Visit your Retina Specialist?

    In reality, retinal disorders come with different signs and symptoms such as the following:

    • First, you’ll see floaters or flashes of light.
    • Then, your vision might get blurred or distorted.
    • Next, you might see blind spots in central vision.
    • Also, your eyesight might be reduced.

    So if you’re a middle-aged person with these signs of visual discomfort and have any chronic diseases like diabetes or anything that we have mentioned above, don’t delay talking to the best eye surgeons in Mumbai

    Best Eye Hospital in Mumbai for Retinal Laser Surgery

    Arohi Eye Hospital is the leading name for vision correction in Mumbai. It has all the latest infrastructure and equipment in place for providing the best eye care to patients from all financial backgrounds. Dr Shradha Goel is the chief eye surgeon here. With 15+ years of experience in Phaco, Cataract, and Refractive eye surgery, she has successfully treated more than 10,000 patients till date.

    Besides, Arohi Eye Hospital itself has provided comprehensive eye care to 50,000 patients from India and across the world. Our patients’ testimonials speak of our success stories. So for any of your queries regarding retinal Laser Surgery, get in touch with us.