Crying is a very natural phenomenon for us humans. Whether it is when someone hurts us, whether it is when we are watching a tragic movie, or whether it is when we are laughing so hard that our eyes start watering. But, tears are not attached only to emotions. While they definitely show the extent to which we feel hurt or when we are extremely happy, tears are actually a very important part of our body! In fact, tears are helpful to keeping us healthy. Confused, right? It may sound weird, but it’s actually true!

Tears keep our eyes protected

We have a tear film in our eyes which forms the barrier between the vulnerable surface of the eyes and the germs, allergens, and irritants in the air. It comprises of three layers – a mucous layer on the cornea, an aqueous layer made of saltwater, and the outer oily layer that keeps the other layers from evaporating. All these layers work together to keep our eyes lubricated, clean, and free from all kinds of germs. Tears form on every eye blink, which washes away the debris from our eyes, to help us see clear and comfortable. This clearly shows how our eyes are protected so significantly with the help of tears.

Tears help us feel better

Have you noticed one weird thing? When we cry because of some negative situation, the things or situation doesn’t change after crying. But yet, we feel better and lighter after we cry, instead of holding that feeling within? True, right? The reason behind this is that the tears clear out some of the chemicals that build up due to stress. So, when we cry, we are removing harmful chemicals and triggering hormones to regulate pain. So, the next time you are emotional, don’t hold on to the stress; just cry and let the stress flow!

Tears protect us against “dry eye”

Dry eye is an eye ailment when our eyes go completely dry, and we feel itchiness and pain in the eyes due to the stress of dryness. This condition arises when there’s something wrong with normal tear production; the process that we have explained earlier in this blog. The condition leads to many problems, leaving the eyes very uncomfortable. This is when you shouldn’t try treating the eyes on your own, but you should instead contact an eye checkup clinic in Oshiwara Mumbai, where you should have your eyes checked and get proper treatment, so that you can have your tear production back to normal and running again. And, in case you are a patient of dry eyes, make sure you quit smoking, because smoking can only worsen the condition of dry eyes.

The tear film is constantly being refreshed so that it can perform its function properly. The glands in our eyelids continuously produce new tears, while the ducts in the inner corners of our eyes drain away excess tears down into our nose. So, let the eyes do their job, so that your eyes are kept clear and protected. And, in case of any eye problems, you can always get in touch with Arohi Eye Hospital, the best eye checkup clinic in Oshiwara Mumbai, where a variety of eye problems are solved, with the help of eye drops, medications, therapies, and surgeries.