Eye care for COVID patients is a matter of concern for all, be it children or adults, or aged persons. The deadly coronavirus can affect various parts of the human body and the eyes are no exception. But how does the virus harm your vision and what are the ways to protect your eyes from the effect? Don’t worry, the expert eye specialists at Arohi Eye Hospital, the best eye hospital in Mumbai have got you covered. Here we have shared everything you need to know to take care of your eyes when you are covid infected. So keep on reading.

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    How does the deadly coronavirus affect your eyes?

    It’s a well-known fact that coronavirus enters the body through the nose, eyes, and mouth. So when someone who is already covid-infected coughs, talks, or sneezes, the virus spreads through their nose and mouth to the one in front of them. And the other person is likely to breathe those little droplets through their mouth and nose. Not only that, the droplets can enter the body through the eyes as well. Also, people can get infected by touching the eyes after they have touched something that has the virus on it. So if the virus enters your body through the eye, the infected eye can become pink. If you notice such a thing, don’t delay visiting your eye doctor for treatment.

    But how to safeguard your eyes from the deadly Coronavirus?

    Keeping your eyes, nose, and mouth safe from getting infected by the coronavirus is possible only when you cover those parts of your body with the right shield. Wash your hands more often and maintain a safe distance from others if you are a covid patient. Here are a few important tips for eye care for COVID patients.

    1. Avoid rubbing your eyes:

    The first thing we do while feeling vision discomfort is to rub the eyes. But this is a big no if you are a covid patient. This natural habit might increase the virus infection in your eyes. Instead, you can use tissue paper or a napkin if you feel like rubbing your eyes. Use eye drops to moisturise your eyes and avoid rubbing and drying eyes. Remember not to touch your eyes frequently. In an emergency, you can wash your hands with soap and water and then touch your face and eyes. You can talk to the renowned ophthalmologist in Mumbai for the best advice.

    2. Do not use contact lenses:

    It’s true that contact lenses do not spread the virus. But it is better if you can switch to eyeglasses and avoid contact lenses during these days. Since with eyeglasses, you do not need to touch your eyes, unlike you do with contact lenses. Moreover, glasses work as an eye shield and protect your eyes while you are out. So if you are a covid patient or stay in close contact with a covid patient, your eyeglasses can protect others and you more than the contact lenses.

    3. Wear eye protection:

    As we have already discussed, wearing eye protection is a must for eye care for COVID patients. Eyeglasses or sunglasses can protect your eyes from the respiratory droplets of an infected person. Although they don’t provide 100% protection, you can get maximum safety from wearing these shields. So while taking care of an infected patient, wear eye-protection glasses.

    4. Collect your eye prescription:

    If you are taking any eye medicine or eye drops, then ask someone to buy the medicines well beforehand for time requirements. So you can talk to your eye specialist and get the right prescription to know the number of days you need the medicines. Then you can refill those medicines in advance. Talk to the best eye specialist in Mumbai to collect your correct eye prescription.

    Get the best eye care for COVID patients

    Arohi Eye Hospital is the leading name in eye care in Mumbai. We have all the renowned eye specialists for all the critical eye care practices during COVID-19 and beyond. We maintain optimum hygiene and safety measures for all our patients during these pandemic days. So if you are looking to get your eyesight corrected, get in touch with us.