As you grow old, you might notice grey hair and wrinkles, and many other changes happening to your body, along with increased vulnerability to conditions like diabetes, arthritis, lung disease, and vision problems. While these changes are very normal, they can be frightening.

By the time you reach your forties or fifties, your susceptibility to age-related problems increases rapidly, especially ocular issues. Surprisingly, the eyes remain the most neglected organ in old age. And they can’t be an exception. Not with so many doctors providing accessible and affordable eye care and retina treatment in Mumbai.

But before we talk about treatment, let’s discuss some of the vision-related problems that come with old age.

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How Does Growing Old Affect Your Eyes?

As you age, your eyes undergo major changes that give rise to some complications. And these eye-related problems differ from individual to individual. You will notice that your lens is hardening, it becomes difficult for you to distinguish colors, and you may even have a hard time adjusting to distance and brightness.

Indeed, these are all signs of weakening ocular prowess that comes with aging. However, you don’t have to live with these vision problems. You can easily get them treated, courtesy of the many high-tech vision correction procedures that are available today.

Here are some of the vision issues that come with age:


People who have cataract suffer from clouded and hazy vision making it difficult for them to focus on the simplest tasks. This is due to the clouding of the natural lens of the eye, a transparent structure that aids in refracting light onto the retina.

This clouding is caused by protein clumping in the lens. It is one of the most frequent eye disorders, primarily affecting people between the ages of 45 and 60. If left untreated, the symptoms might get worse and lead to total blindness.


A glaucoma is a group of eye diseases that cause irrevrsible damage of the optic nerve, the health of which is vital for clear vision. Such damage is commonly seen in eyes with unusually high pressure, which gradually weakens your optic nerve, ultimately leading to partial or total blindness.

If you’re experiencing any associated symptoms, such as eye redness, blurred vision, eye pain, or nausea, you should visit an eye care center.

Arohi Eye Hospital, which houses the top glaucoma specialist in Mumbai, can help you learn more about the possible glaucoma symptoms and assist you with treatment.


By the age of forty, you will gradually lose the ability to see close objects or small prints. This is caused by presbyopia. The first sign of presbyopia is the inability to read anything placed within arm’s length. As a result, even the simplest task such as reading a newspaper or sewing can become challenging.

Fortunately, procedures like LASIK, contoura vision treatment, or something as simple as bifocal spectacles can help you deal with this condition.

Dry Eyes

Dry eyes are one of the more common vision problems that old age brings with it. And it’s caused by your body’s inability to produce tears, faster evaporation of tears, or combination of both. This can lead to severe itching in your eyeballs, a burning sensation, and reddening. Something as simple as lubricating eye drops can cure this for you.

However, make sure you nip this problematic bud in its early stage, as it can bring permanent problems to your eyes if you let it bloom.

Retinal Detachment

The retina is a thin layer at the back of the eye that’s made up of a light-sensitive bundle of nerves. It senses light and sends signals to the brain so we can see.

Increasing age leads to changes in the density of vitreous (gel-like substance) that helps the eye in maintaining its shape. Such changes can cause a pull on the retina and can result in a retinal tear. The tear causes the retina to start lifting from the rear of the eye, leading to detachment.

Consequently, your vision becomes hazy as the retina is unable to function. Retinal detachment is a major eye problem that needs to be treated because without a functioning retina, the eye cannot communicate with the brain to perceive images and facilitate vision.

If you feel like you are experiencing any of the symptoms, such as light flashes, blurry vision, or curtain-like vision, you need to get in touch with Arohi Eye Hospital and get the best retina treatment in Mumbai.

End Note

So here they are, some of the most common vision problems that you can encounter as you gear up for the third act of your life. With the information provided, you now know which symptoms to look out for, along with how urgently you should treat the condition.

If you find it hard to find the best eye care hospital for your eyes, simply choose Arohi Eye Hospital as your eye-care partner. We provide top-notch eye care services to all our patients, along with the best pre-care and after-care. Get in touch with us to get your eyes treated today!