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Contoura Vision TopoGuided LASIK is a new technology designed to enhance the effects of LASIK (Standard LASIK/ Femto-LASIK).

What is Contoura Vision?

Contoura Vision TopoGuided LASIK is a new technology designed to enhance the effects of LASIK (Standard LASIK/ Femto-LASIK). It corrects the vision based on the corneal topography (corneal curvature maps) and topolyser, as against the correction of vision in a standard LASIK surgery which is only based on glasses or contact lens prescription.

What makes Contoura Vision so unique?  

Corneal topography along with Topolyser has the capabilities to record the minutest irregularities in the corneal curvature. It provides the measurement of 22000 points as compared to the currently available wavefront-guided LASIK that measures approximately 200 points. These measurements are then combined with the patient’s glass prescription and customized treatment is planned and programmed into the laser.

How does it help?
Since Contoura Vision combines refractive prescription with corneal topography maps it provides improved quality of vision to the patients. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) results reveal that the patients who opted for this technology had a significant improvement and were able to see even more clearly without corrective eyewear. As per the clinical trials statistics, almost 90% of patients post-operatively saw as well or better without glasses than they ever did with glasses or contact lenses. 

  • Specifically suitable for patients with Astigmatism > 1D
  • Decrease in difficulty during night driving
  • Lesser sensitivity towards light, less glare
  • Better quality of vision 

How is it done?
A complete preoperative screening is done by clinical examination and corneal topography (Pentacam) to assess the eligibility and safety of the LASIK procedure for the patient. If any retinal lesions (like thinning/ hole/ tear) are found during the evaluation, they are treated first using barrage laser and LASIK is performed only after 1 to 4 weeks.

On the day of the procedure:
On the day of the procedure, the topographic images of the patient are captured using topolyser and the same is transferred to the treatment planning station to generate the customised treatment profile. Contoura Vision Femto-LASIK is done on WaveLight Refractive Suite, the fastest laser available in the world. A thin corneal flap is created first using the Bladeless Femtosecond technology on the FS 200 laser. Topoguided laser ablation for refractive correction is performed on the EX500 laser.

After the procedure
The patient can leave the hospital 30 minutes after the procedure. Eye drops are prescribed to prevent infection and to facilitate the healing process. The patient is assessed the next day after the procedure and then 1 week and 1 month later.  

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I had a Lasik performed by Dr Shradha Goel and the consultation was done by Dr Shalomith Uppapalli for the same. Both of them are friendly and helped me throughout the process to be calm. Lasik was performed in no time and the whole process was smooth, thanks to the doctors :)

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I was very nervous coming for my operation that I had been delaying for the past 10 years, but coming to Arohi was a very positive experience. The staff was very kind and my interaction with Dr. Shradha was comfortable. Highly Recommend!

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Due to my higher eye power, I was operated for ICL. Arohi Eye Hospital has taken all the care and has been followed us up regarding our checkup. It was a fantastic experience for me and my family. The staff is very cooperative and the environment is very positive. Most importantly, Dr Shradha Goel has helped us a lot.

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