We have all already been so involved with our smartphones and laptop, and now with this Covid-19 pandemic, when we have been forced to stay at home as much  as possible, we are even more involved with all these gadgets. And, to top it all off, things have started getting even worse when the new education model has all gone online. Tiny kids are also being forced to use laptops for education, with the online classes having begun during the Unlock-1 phase in India, thanks to the pandemic! Can we even imagine how negatively this is going to impact our little one’s eyes!? While it may affect children already suffering from eye problems adversely, it may affect other children with eye strain. But, with no option available for parents, they have to have their child take up these forced online classes. So, while parents are forced to put their children in front of these harmful computer screens every day, as eye specialists, we at Arohi Eye Hospital, the best eye hospital in Mumbai, have come up with a few things that every parent can do to help their children reduce the strain that these digital screens are putting on their eyes. We know how precious eyes are, and how the computer screens can negatively affect them, which is why we bring forward a few tips to help. And, these tips are also helpful for those who are forced to work from home, while staying connected through video calls and emails, again done via these digital screens.



As we all shift from the four stages of lockdowns since March 25, 2020 towards a new phase of unlocking the country from today, it becomes even more dangerous to move around, as the spread of the Coronavirus will be on a high rise from now onwards. We thus need to be absolutely careful about how we move around, how we meet with the people around, and how we live our lives. One mistake, and we can’t even imagine where we may land up!



Vision is one of the most important things in our lives. None of us can imagine what we’ll go through if we lose our vision! And, for a good vision, we need healthy eyes. Obviously, vision deteriorates as we age, but we can always take certain steps to preserve our good vision for longer. There are many things that we can do such as exercising our eyes, not straining them for too long, and avoiding over-exposure to digital screens, but one very important thing that we have heard ever since our teachers taught us in school is that we need to eat healthy. While our teachers always told us to eat green leafy vegetables and carrots to help with good vision, there is actually a whole long list of foods that can do good for our eyes.



Our eyes are one of the most important parts of our body without which we can’t imagine living for even a day! We rely so much on our eyesight that we’ll just be handicapped without it. But, in everyday life, we don’t realize its importance as we take our eyesight for granted. It is only when we start having issues with our eyes that we run around to get them treated at the earliest. When our eyes get blurred, red, watery, or itchy, we want to rush to a doctor to get our eyes checked. But, why not take proper care of the eyes in the first place so that we don’t have to approach an eye doctor for a treatment?



Strabismus, or squint in layman terms, is a condition in which both the eyes point in different directions. The defect could be in one or both the eyes. Either both the eyes could be pointing inwards or outwards, or one eye could be normal, while the other would be pointing elsewhere.



Ageing brings a lot of differences within the body. The most basic problems that we all have to go through as we age include wrinkling skin, graying hair, and body aches. But, there is one other thing too that most of us have to encounter, and that is eye problems. There are a number of eye conditions that are linked to ageing, with the most basic one being presbyopia, which is nothing but long-sightedness that causes blurred vision, which makes it difficult for one to read or see objects that are at a close distance. While this is a very common age-related issue that can be treated with the help of prescribed glasses, there are many other problems that are considered a little more severe. These include cataracts, glaucoma, and macular degeneration. All these issues, if encountered, can be cured by nothing other than a surgery!



Low vision, as the name itself suggest, is the condition that involves a vision that is lower than the normal levels of an individual. But, this isn’t like the normal refractive error of the eyes that can be corrected with the help of glasses or contact lenses. In fact, it involves the least minimal ability to see, which isn’t possible to correct with any such corrective measures. This is why science has come up with certain special devices for such low vision patients, which can help the individuals use their residual vision to the maximum, to enable them to continue reading, writing, and performing other preferred activities effectively and easily. These low vision devices can range from simple to complex, depending upon the needs of an individual. The simplest low vision devices include lamp, reading stand, writing guide, and signature guide. Other devices include –



You may think we are crazy to write a blog that asks if iPads can help people with low vision. How can a digital screen help people with eye problems? As far as we all know, any kind of digital screen can only harm the eyes, let alone helping. But, as professional eye specialists, we know what we are saying, and if we have a blog posted on this topic, there is definitely a reason behind it.



Eyes are one of the most important organs of the body, without which we cannot imagine living a normal life. This is why it is important to take good care of them on a regular basis, which we don’t realize until we start experiencing problems in them. But, we should in fact take good care of our eyes regularly so as to avoid most of the problems that we may otherwise encounter. We only need to take a few simple steps like washing our eyes frequently with clean water, wearing glasses whenever we go out of the house, avoid using too much of smartphones and watching television, taking breaks between work while on computer screens, and keeping our eyes rested well. However, these steps can only keep our eyes healthier for longer, and avoid common problems like eye itching, redness, and pain. But, when other serious problems like cataracts, glaucoma, and macular degeneration occur, you definitely need the best eye hospital in Mumbai to solve your issue. So, how do you find the best hospital for your eyes? Here are some tips.



Eye problems were earlier seen a lot in the old aged people, but now even tiny little children are having them. You can see little school-going children wearing such thick glasses. Not only refractive errors, but there are many other problems too seen in the young age groups, such as cataracts, astigmatism, amblyopia, and more. And, do you know that such eye problems can lead to another big problem – a headache? A headache is associated with reduction of vision either for far or near distance, due to the inability to focus rays of light on the retina of the eye. As eye specialists, we would like to let you know how eye problems can be related to headaches.

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